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30-Day Finance Fix

Angry and upset with your new spouse over your finances? We teach newlyweds like you how to fix your finances, together!


The flowers were stunning. The bridesmaids dresses were gorgeous (and don't worry, they'll all wear them again). And now, you're noticing that your finances are a bit worse for the wear.

You're not alone!


(Without getting stuck in past mistakes!)

You're in the right place!



Well, yeah. It's not going to be like Mardi Gras. It's not going to be like Christmas morning when you were 7. But guess what? A few hours of "boring" now means that you won't spend a ton of time fighting with your spouse in the future. Instead, you can do whatever fun things you two like to do together. Spending time on this course and being bored for a few hours means that you'll have money to travel, go out, buy what you want--all without feeling guilty about it. So maybe a little "boring" is worth it, huh?

Okay, I guess that makes sense. But how much time am I going to have to spend on this realistically? We're really busy.

A totally legit question. It depends on how well your finances are already set up, but most people that take this course spend just 2 hours a week for the entire 4 week course. This means you'll spend just 8 hours in a month on this course.

But what if I don't even know the basics? Won't it take me a lot longer?

Nope. This course is set up to cater to all levels of financial experience. If you don't know anything about finances, that's totally okay. The course will guide you through it step-by-step. As long as you are capable of logging into your online banking accounts, you're golden.

Okay, but what if I know a LOT of stuff about finances and I'm pretty well set up?

Good for you! Financial education is super important, and it's fabulous that you're well-versed. But, don't forget--money is a touchy subject! You can't be a know-it-all and boss your spouse around all day if they aren't as in-the-know as you are. This course will give you results because it will help you and your spouse not only organize your finances, but TALK about them and plan your financial goals together.

This sounds good, but it's pretty expensive. Is it going to be worth it? What if I take the whole course and don't learn anything?

Compare the cost of this course to the cost of a financial planner (which, by the way, can cost thousands of dollars). How about the cost of this course vs. couple's counseling (again, thousands)? You'll save a lot of time and money by getting out in front of the problem and taking this course. That being said, we stand by our product!

If you aren't happy FOR ANY REASON, you can easily take advantage of our Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Money-Back Guarantee. All you have to do is email and you will be refunded immediately, no questions asked! Requests must be made within 30 days of the purchase date, so that means you could literally do the ENTIRE course, decide you hate it, and STILL get your money back. Because, love.

Cool! Will I need any kind of special software or equipment?

Nope! Just a computer! We will do some work in Google Drive, so you'll need a Google account. But if you don't have one right now, no sweat! We will cover that in the course.

If I have questions, or my spouse and I can't come to an agreement on something, who will we go to?

Me! I'm sure things will come up that you two can't solve on your own. That is totally natural. But, I'll be here to talk you through things if you need me! Just email and I'll get back with you right away.

Before I bought 30-Day Finance Fix, I was pretty skeptical it would be useful. My husband and I had just gotten married, and our wedding was horribly over budget. We fought all the time, because frankly, neither of us was sure how we were going to pay our new mortgage. I didn't see how throwing more money at the problem would help. Plus, with everything going on in our lives, it seemed insane to add another 'to do' to the list in the form of this course.

I'm so glad I took a chance on 30-Day Finance Fix! The course was really comprehensive, without being too overwhelming. We were able to complete the course in just under 30 days, and spent only about 2.5 hours on it each week. Not only did the course help us figure out how to prioritize our goals and dreams for our life, it helped us talk through the issues we have with money in a way that was comfortable. I truly believe this course helped not only fix our finance, but our relationship as well! Thank you Samantha and Couples Finance!

- Becca Hayes, Seattle

SNORE! Money is just plain dull. I have no interest in it, other than I like spending it and hate working to make it. My wife sort of forced this course on me. She complained that she always felt guilty when we had date nights or spent money on things for the house.

It seemed pretty odd to me to take an online course instead of reading a book, but she insisted. And actually, it was a pretty okay experience. It wasn't fun by any means. But taking the course together was helpful because I was able to see progress pretty quickly. I'm not the kind of guy who likes talking about emotions, so that part of it was hard but actually pretty helpful.

Now that we're done with the course, my wife is a lot more laid back about money stuff, and she tells me it's because she knows we have a plan. Good experience! I'd recommend it!

- Anthony Hodgekiss, New York

I work full time and am starting a business on the side. Right before we started taking this course, I had also just closed on a new investment property and was getting married the week after! Needless to say, I did NOT have a lot of free time, and most of my money was tied up in the investment property. The course isn't too pricey, but I was still worried about the expense because of last-minute wedding costs.

This course is legit and so so worth the money. My husband and I are both pretty decent with finances, but since we're both in our 30s we already had our own system worked out individually. The trouble we had was tying everything together, but with the help of the course we've got our system down.

The money was totally worth it.

- Cynthia Adams, Chicago


Avoid future arguments

Keep your relationship strong

Save thousands on a financial planer

Live the life you both want!

For more information, please use our "Ask Anyone" Guarantee!

Our Ask Anyone Guarantee is designed to give you all of the details you could ever need in order to feel comfortable enrolling in the course. Just email for a list of past students. You can call or email the student of your choosing to ask questions you don't feel comfortable asking us directly. We don't publish the list online to protect their privacy, but will happily send it to you in an email!

And don't forget our Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Money-Back Guarantee.

All you have to do is email and you will be refunded immediately, no questions asked! Requests must be made within 30 days of the purchase date, so that means you could literally do the ENTIRE course, decide you hate it, and STILL get your money back. Because, love.


When my husband Chuck and I got engaged, I realized we needed some sort of plan for our finances. We’d talked about having kids and buying a house, but I didn’t really have any sense of the HOW behind our future plans. I didn’t know how much money we had for a down payment. I had no idea whether or when we could retire, because we just hadn’t discussed these types of things.

So I started going through the process of figuring out what to do with our finances. I spent countless hours researching online articles, reading books, and even taking online courses to figure out what to do. It was a huge time suck and enormously challenging.


  1. There are thousands of articles about personal finance. I understand that there are unlimited options on how to set up your finances, but I couldn’t figure out how Chuck and I could make the time to wade through all of that information to know where to start.

  2. Most of the stuff I read had no actionable, concrete steps at all. SO many articles I read were opinion pieces on whether or not to combine bank accounts or the best places to invest your money for retirement. I couldn’t figure out HOW to actually do that stuff and how to know what choice was the best for us.

  3. Talking about money is hard. It’s rarely a talk JUST about dollars and cents. It’s a much more intimate conversation bout beliefs, values, and your personal historical mistakes or successes–all expressed through how you spend or save your money. That stuff can be EXTREMELY hard to get into even in your own brain—much less when you’re trying to lay everything out on the table with your partner. Even having that conversation can be like going to couples therapy—without a trained therapist in the middle when you’re at each other’s throats.

  4. Love DOES NOT conquer all. It sounds unromantic to say it that way, but no matter how much you love someone, if you don’t have a plan for your finances it can tear you apart. There will absolutely be closely-held assumptions one or both of you have about your money. These assumptions are probably things that have been driven into your brain every day as you grew up, and by now are not consciously held beliefs….so those are things you’ll need to work through and discover if you want to have a happy marriage.

Luckily, I’m blessed (or maybe cursed) with a very Type-A personality. I compiled all of the information I found and created a concrete plan we could use to get on track and buy our dream home and fund a beautiful wedding within less than a year.

That plan is now this course!


It seems simple, but the biggest mistake I see in almost all financial articles and books I read is that they ignore that part of it. They assume everyone has a great relationship with money, and that we’ll walk into our financial planning sessions with a complete emotional detachment.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

When you’re approaching a solution to your joined finances, you have to address every step with a focus on keeping things non-judgmental. Respecting how your partner communicates and ensuring you’re moving forward rather than arguing about the past is paramount. You must address the emotional along with the facts. If you don't, things will only get worse.


I’m sure you’ve seen the finance advice where some “expert” tells you that you need to focus solely on paying off your debt, or building your retirement nest egg. What they’re missing is the WHY behind your actions.

You don’t have any incentive to better your financial position if you don’t have some type of goals for your future in mind. Dreamscaping is an incredibly important part of your financial plan—and it’s something you should be doing together.

Not only will this help your financial position improve, it will also bring you closer in your relationship. After all, if you’re dreaming and scheming together, you’ll be constantly focused on the gorgeous horizon in front of both of you.

And I’m here to show you how to add dreamscaping to your financial plan.

I’ll show you exactly how to merge your finances so you can get on track and live the life you want.

When you sign up for 30-Day Finance Fix you get:

  • 4 weeks of guided, step-by-step lessons to learn how to review your historical finances, reconcile inequality, and set goals for your future
  • Ready-to-use financial net worth templates and tools to set up your files in case of an emergency
  • The exact methods that allowed Chuck and I to buy our dream home and have a perfect wedding
  • Tools and tricks to determine if you need a “family CFO”
  • Step-by-step instructions to decide how to combine (or not combine) your family finances
  • Simple but powerful strategies that work


Once you understand these methods, it’s much easier to make all kinds of family decisions—like whether or not you can afford a vacation (hint: YOU CAN!), how to set up your kid’s college savings plan, and much more.


4 killer modules, each packed with easy-to-follow lessons without any gimmicks or financial jargon.

A combination of CORE and BLITZ strategies, so your relationship with your money and your partner sees a dramatic and long-lasting improvement.

Template spreadsheets, worksheets, and guides to help move past the emotional stuff so you can make progress.

A case study product so you can see a real example of how this all fits together.

An insider look at EASY money tactics that you can do yourself. That's some big savings since you won't need to hire a financial planner!

Who is this course for?

If you're feeling lost about where to begin, how to have conversations about money, and how to plan for your future with your spouse, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Couples who are ready to start living their dreams on their own terms.

Couples who are frustrated by the feeling that they will never get ahead of their debt.

Couples who aren't sure how to reconcile historical inequality in their finances.

Couples who want to build a rock-solid foundation for their future together.

What happens when I buy this course?

You'll receive a confirmation email and shortly after an introductory email about the course.

Then, you will receive the lessons directly to your inbox every week. Yep-the course will come right to your email!

The course is self study and begins when you register.

Each week's lesson will have a bit of homework for you and your partner as well as explanations, guides, and theory that WORKS. It's essential to work through each one so that you create the foundation you need.

The whole point of this course is to give you the tools and guidance to stop over-thinking and over analyzing and just start DOING and getting to where you need to be, financially.

Stop fighting about finances.

Fix your finances and create a solid foundation.

Learn communication strategies that work.

Live your dreams.

Get started now!